When Candriam decided to launch a training academy focused on SRI to help intermediaries to better understand the SRI approach to investing, they knew that they needed to have the best content and achieve maximum impact. Our team was called in to help Candriam take the high-quality content they had pulled together and ensure that key elements of that content were conveyed in the most engaging and creative ways possible.

Animated launch video

To lead the campaign, we created an animated video in a style which is not usually seen within the industry, narrated by one of Candriam’s senior executives who is also a personality within the industry. This fairly unusual approach led to a unique and high impact launch video which is also used as a centerpiece for the academy. You can see the video below.

Animated infographics

Throughout the academy. As well as various video assets created by us, key animated infographics were created by the team to highlight key aspects of the training in a way which is engaging and conveys the information memorably. An example of this is the timeline infographic which the FinPix team put together for the platform.

Candriam provided the clear brief but the team was given plenty of latitude, both in terms of the content and the creative execution of this animated infographic. You can see the infographic below.



Making a splash within the industry

Candriam’s SRI academy has certainly had an impact within the industry and initial feedback and data is showing that the company has captured the attention of the industry just as it had planned.  Our team is delighted to have been centrally involved in this project, and we’re pleased with the performance to date.